Charcoal Dog Biscuits

Experience the wonders of fresher breath with our Beef Charcoal Dog Biscuits! Infused with the power of natural activated charcoal, these treats are gentle on sensitive stomachs, made from all-natural ingredients. They work wonders for your dog's dental health, reducing plaque and tartar buildup to promote healthier teeth and gums. Plus, there are no artificial additives—just pure, wholesome freshness in every bite. Treat your pup to a happier, fresher life today by ordering our Charcoal Dog Biscuits and bidding farewell to smelly breath for good! 🖤🌿🐾💚

  • Odor Absorption: Absorbs and traps foul-smelling compounds.
  • Neutralization: Eliminates odor sources by neutralizing gases.
  • Dental Health: Aids in plaque and food particle removal.
  • Gentle on Stomach: Suitable for sensitive stomachs.
  • Natural Solution: Non-toxic, chemical-free breath freshener.
  • Overall Health: Improves oral hygiene and contributes to well-being.

PS - word on the street is they help with the other end as well!!