About Us

Meet Ben and Georgie Mutton, owners of Teacher's Pet Treats based in Canberra ACT and their boys Henry and Charlie.

We are a family owned business with the whole family involved in all aspects of Teacher's Pet Treats. Especially Stella and Spud (our fur babies) who have tried and tested everything a little too much on our menu!

Our love for Teacher's Pet Treats stemmed from our dear long hair Jack Russell, Spud who was born with minimum pigment on his face. This meant that he had no tolerance for any sort of preservative and would have terrible reactions to any main brand of dog treats. And so for our products to meet our little guys special dietary needs they had to be completely all natural and free from preservatives and other nasty additives. 

Hence the Spud Approval on all our Teacher's Pet Treats products!

Sadly Spud is no longer with us but his legacy certainly lives on through all the dogs in our community enjoying their Teacher's Pet Treats as well. 

We hope you and your best friends love our products as much as we do.