April 03, 2023 3 min read

How to Host a Dog-Friendly Easter Egg Hunt 

Easter egg hunts are one of those quintessential activities that make Easter, Easter - and because our doggos are family, why not include them in the festivities! Or even better why not hold an annual Doggie Easter Egg hunt with fellow dog paw-rents.

Dog-friendly Easter egg hunts are a great bonding experience for you and your pup and will allow them to use their brains and their noses to solve a problem. Much like interactive toys, a doggy Easter egg hunt is reward-based, and designed to be mentally stimulating for your canine.

Follow these simple steps to host your own dog Easter egg hunt for your pup!

How to Host a Dog-Safe Easter Egg Hunt

Gather the Eggs

The classic halved plastic Easter eggs that you can find at almost any dollar store or Kmart can work just fine for a dog Easter egg hunt, with a few safety tips to consider.

The plastic eggs can crack and be dangerous if swallowed, so make sure that you open the eggs for your pup. Also, make sure the eggs are large enough so that your dog can't try and eat them whole. If the Easter eggs don't already have a small hole in them, drill one in the top of one half of the egg so that your pup can smell out their prize.

If you are at all concerned about heavy chewers or dogs who are prone to eating things they shouldn't, choose to hide them in KONG toys or other toys that can have treats stuffed into them. This makes it a bit safer and can also be a great "goody bag" item for the pups to take home.

While your dog won't get poisoned if you hide real hardboiled eggs for them to find, moderation is key in feeding your dog any safe human food, and chowing down on a dozen eggs is high in calories and not healthy for any pet, so this is probably an option to avoid.

Another option would be to skip the "egg" altogether! Hiding treats around a yard or large room is just as good for nose work (but let's face it, the whole egg idea makes for great photos!)

Choose the Treats

When choosing the best dog treats for an Easter egg hunt, the smellier the better! 

Our recommendations are:

Pork Crumble

Roo Cubes

Yogurt and Carob Drops

Bonus tip: Hide a golden egg with the grand prize in it! Pick the best treat and put it in the special egg for the pups to find! We have a funPawtry Box that is PAWFECT for this!

Pick a Location

Some communities host dog-friendly Easter egg hunts (look at your local events) - this might be the year to host your own hunt. If you have a fenced-in yard, this is perfect for a dog-friendly Easter egg hunt. You could also try a public park or dog park, but be aware of leash laws and make sure to keep your pup on a lead if it is a public space.

And if the Canberra cold is just too much, then bring the festivities inside.

Hide the Eggs

When hiding the eggs around the space, keep in mind that these are pups and not human children so hiding them in accessible and safe areas is a must! Remember some indoor and garden plants can be toxic for dogs!

Need to stock up on some goodies for your Easter Hunt? Shop Now the recommended products!

Pork Crumble

Roo Cubes

Yogurt and Carob Drops

Pawtry Box